NYC Assorted Lip Glosses in Random Colors 5 Lot

NYC Assorted Lip Glosses in Random Colors 5 Lot

SKU: COS10036

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2 Smooch Proof lip colors coming up!
With this product from NYC, you can get a dramatic color which lasts for up to 10 hours. One of these two works by giving off a stay-true color while the other one provides a fabulous shine. Get this amazing product with other great producs from NYC.

Get those irresistible lips with Extreme Lip Glider Gloss.
This high gloss formula from NYC softens your lips and creates a shiny, glassy finish. It comes in a slimm gloss tube with a slanted tip for your convenience. All this plus the scent and flavor of melon makes this an overall fantastic product.

Another shine that stays longer.
This NYC Long Lasting high shine color complements on different kinds of make up. Aside from giving off an outstanding shine, it guarantees longer effect so that you can wear it all day and night.

A lipstick that can survive a kiss.
Kiss-proof lip color will let you to kiss all you want without any signs of fading away. Wear this lipstick for a gorgeous look and that lasts long despite an intense contact.