Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette

Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette

SKU: HNB10003

USD 34.95  

Sparkle and Dazzle with the Ultra Shimmer Palette.
Add a little sparkle to your eyes with our Ultra Shimmer Palette. This gorgeous palette contains 88 different fully shimmer shadows that are highly pigmented. With the wide range of shades from neutrals to brights you can create endless looks with ease. 

Dry or wet. Good for travel and easy to use.
The shadows can be applied dry or wet with the dual end foam tip applicators included or any eye shadow brush from your collection. The matte black case contains the Coastal Scents logo as well as the name of the palette for convenience.

Very pigmented and long lasting but inexpensive.
Every color in this palette is vibrant, bold and higly pigmented making it stay for longer periods of time on your skin. It also lets you to easily find a combination that matches your features and skin tone. Everything for a not-so-expensive amount.

Simply awesome.
Aside from having a long-lasting effect and vibrance, Coastal Scent Ultra Shimmer Palette eye shadows also blend smoothly and easily. Don't be afraid to explore as there are many combinations that you will discover which may look good in you.