Coastal Scents Smacks Lip Gloss

Coastal Scents Smacks Lip Gloss

SKU: HNB10052

USD 18.95  

Various colors to match your beauty needs.
Smacks Lip Gloss from Coastal Scents brings you an orgy of color selections to purchase and use to match your look.

A must-have for makeup collectors.
You can buy a piece of Smacks Lip Gloss or purchase all colors for your collection. This lip gloss offers a rare kind of shimmer which is a perfect must-have for makeup enthusiasts.

Take a chance for that outstanding lips.
Many people have gone out on a limb and became happy with the experience of having a single color of Smacks Lip Gloss. Pick a nice color that will match your skin or your existing eyes and facial makeup for best results.

Quality you can bet on.
The pigmentation of each colors is good which lets a little application to last for longer times. Totally great for its affordable price!