Coastal Scents Glitter Powder Set

Coastal Scents Glitter Powder Set

SKU: HNB10055

USD 99.25  

Get that beautiful and radiating beauty.
Coastal Scents ultra fine, lightweight glitters, offer the maximum reflection of light to literally radiate any area they are applied. These gorgeous, pigment-rich glitters can be applied wet for more intense looks or dry for a softer effect anywhere on the face or body.

Makeup collectors brace yourselves.
Coastal Scents Glitter Set provides you a wide range of lightweight glitters that can make you stand out. These colors can complement most of your makeup collections. Definitely something that should land in a collector's possessions.

Quality you can bet on.
Every color on this glitter set is pigment-rich for longer staying power. It can also be applied dry for softer effects and wet for a more intense look.