Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner

Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel Eyeliner

SKU: HNB10060

USD 24.95  

Impress and captivate with your eyes.
Creating captivating eyes has never been easier, with rich and creamy Divine Line Gel Eyeliners. These all-in-one liners come in five stunning shades and each contains a detachable liner brush, to precisely define your eyes with ease. The long-lasting gel formula dries quickly, leaving you with a smudge-free, fade-proof, and waterproof finish.

Convenient and easy to use.
This gel formula glides smoothly and quickly dries after a finish. Its detachable liner brush makes it possible for users to apply an amount easily and in just a few seconds.

Great quality.
Coastal Scents Divine Line Gel possesses smudge-proof and water-proof characteristics in order for this to stay on throughout the day. This product will really bring out the best in your eyes and give it a sophisticated look.