Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette

Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette

SKU: HNB10009

USD 34.95  

Endless looks and color combinations.
This comprehensive makeup artist's palette is made up of twenty-six shadow and blush options. With a variety of colors, you can enjoy every kind of look from neutral and natural to sassy and sultry. Definitely a good opportunity for all makeup enthusiasts to sunshine, shadow and simmer!

Long-lasting. Cost effective!
This can be another makeup collection that you can get from the cheap. Though it doesn't cost that high, it guarantees a long lasting effect in just a few swipes on the brush. Great pigmentation and quality does it!

Perfect for everybody.
This blush palette from Coastal Scents contains countless of options. This means that Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette can satisfy and make different kinds of skin tone beautiful shining and shimmering. Just the way you want it to be.

Clumsy? You never have to worry.
Even the clumsiest girl who drop and break almost all of her things can have this palette for a very long period of time without any signs of damage. Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette is not sturdy unlike any other cheap makeup collections. The eyeshadows won't be that easily shattered and they are more likely to remain intact.