Clinique Rasberry Glace

Clinique Rasberry Glace

SKU: COS10030

USD 50.69  

Look good and feel good.
The Clinique Raspberry Glace Lipstick is smooth in texture, comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. It makes pale and lighter skin tones look lively and seductive.

Colors that last.
You can have that fantastic look for a longer period of time as the color of this lipstick really stays on. Imagine the convenience of not having to reapply it frequently.

Makes every skin tone wonderful.
Though the color of this lipstick can look most suitable for brunettes and those who have a lighter skin, it also suits almost all kinds of skin tone. The color is not that strong to overpower your makeup and off course not too weak to be left out.

Wear it on any season.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, Clinique Raspberry Glace Lipstick will remain to be the most flattering shades that you can apply to your lips. You don't have to worry whether you are wearing it right or not as it looks good anytime.