Clinique Makeup Remover

Clinique Makeup Remover

SKU: COS10032

USD 46.46  

Safe and effective.
This makeup remover from Clinique quickly cleanses away long-wearing eye and lip makeup without irritating your skin. This has been tested by opthalmologists and proven to be compatible with different skin types.

A must have for all make up enthusiasts.
If you love makeup and wearing it almost everyday, you may need something that you can use to quickly dissolve the long-wearing makeup and even that water-proof mascara. Take the day off and give your skin some time to breathe and relax with Clinique makeup remover.

Perfectly convenient.
This skincare product from Clinique also removes the dirt that was stuck with the makeup on your lips, lids and lashes. The formula is perfectly convenient as it cleanses your face without itching, stinging and tugging.

The only makeup remover you'll need.
Many makeup users are very glad that they went out on a limb and tried the Clinique makeup remover. This leaves your skin soft and safe unlike any other products.